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Please Read

My husband and I breed primarily for ourselves we're not commercial breeders.We're very selective on where our Frenchies are placed.It isn't uncommon for us to retain a puppy a few months to let it mature then decide to place it into a loving forever home.
We adhere to the breed standard within our breeding program
"No Rare Exotic Colors Here"
Living within Wine Country we started our program using a wine theme.We have no affiliation with the new breeders within Northern California using it...
The pedigree behind our breeding program will always remain protected.We hope you understand why you must submit an application for any future consideration of a Frenchie...

So You Have Been To See The Movie "Due Date" Or Seen The New Kibbles & Bits Commercial
Now You Want A French Bulldog? This Isn't The Breed For Everyone.
Frenchies are subjected to several health issues that can occur at any given time.
Due to those flat faces they can't tolerate heat.
It isn't an athletic breed to go out running with you.
Frenchies have delicate backs subjected to spinal injuries.
Most Frenchies develope seasonal allergies or food allergies that require a grain free or raw diet.
Frenchies can be stubborn and difficult to housebreak.
It's also a companion breed that doesn't enjoy spending long periods alone.
Please do as much research on this breed before deciding it's the right breed for you.
Education And Research Is very Important!
Please Visit The French Bulldog Club Of America At www.frenchbulldogclub.org
The Northern Ca.French Bulldog Club Education links At www.ncfbc.com
The Wrong Puppy www.thewrongpuppy.org

Please Avoid Breeders Accepting Major Credit Cards Paypal Etc.



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