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Vonduran Application

Vonduran Frenchies
John & Jacquie Duran

A frenchie is a lifetime commitment and should not be taken lightly.
Placing a frenchie in the right home is the most important aspect of breeding.
Do your research on this breed before deciding it's the right breed for you!



Home Phone__________________________Cell_________________________________

Email Address
Name all people in home and ages______________________________________________

Who will be resposible for dog?

Is someone home during the day_____ if not how do you intend to handle this?

Do all family members want a frenchie and why?

Have you owned a dog before and when?
What happened to the dog?

Do you rent?_______Own?_________Apartment,Condo or House?
If you rent are you allowed to have a dog?
Do you have a yard?__________Size?_____________Fenced?_____________Height?______
Do you have a pool?____________

Will the frenchie be house inside or outside?

How will the frenchie be housed or confined in your absenc

Do you intend to crate train your frenchie?
Who will care for the frenchie when you're gone for extended periods?

Do you own any other pets?________How many and what?

Do you understand frenchies shed?_________Any allergies?______________________
Name of Veterinarian you will use?
Address of vet?

Name of local animal shelter and address_____________________________________

When and how did you become acquainted with frenchies?

Have you ever met a frenchie in person?
What makes you think it's the right breed for you?

Do you want a male or female and why?

Would you consider the opposite?
Do you want a non breeding dog?________Will you spay or neuter?

Your frenchie will require housebreaking socialization training classes daily exercise and weekly grooming much like having a baby in the house in a way it disrupts your life.Do you understand the time and energy involved through it's first year of life?

What are you willing to do to acheive these tasks?

Where will you take training classes?

Do you belong to any dog clubs?
Would you consider a co ownership?
Would you have hips and elbows evaluated by OFA at two years of age?
Would you have eyes checked for cerf certification?

Do you have any interest in frenchies between 1-4 years of age if one were to become available?


We only place our frenchies within Northern Ca.to be eligible for future consideration all serious applicants must complete our application.Any frenchie that becomes available for placement is placed on a limited AKC registration with a mandatory spay neuter agreement "No Exceptions" unless procedure has been completed already.
We expect all future families to keep in contact with us we love all of our babies we've brought into the world and we expect progress reports.
No matter how careful we are as breeders and we can show appropriate health clearences for parents of the frenchie doesn't mean we can guarantee against genetic problems such as allergies,cancer,hip dysplasia,luxating patellas or spine problems frenchies are a complicated man made breed.
Are you still interested in a French Bulldog knowing we can't predict any future problems?
Are you still interested that in the event you are unable to care for this frenchie at any given time it must be returned to us?
In placing frenchies with buyers I consider this agreement a pact between the parties to secure the dogs welfare for it's lifetime.In this agreement I offer lifetime refuge for any dog I produce which the buyer cannot keep.Will you promise to return this dog to me should some unforseen circumstance prevent you from keeping any longer with no money exchanged?





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